Jamie T. Kennell, known as JaLi Jamie T. Kennell, known as JaLi, was born in Columbus, Georgia and raised in Phenix City, Alabama. The name JaLi was given to him by a friend; Ja from Jamie and Li from “fli” or “fly”. Anyone that matters in the music industry is watching this young new HipHop/Pop turn R&B sensation who is taking over the industry like a quiet storm. Jamie has an old school soul and it is reflected in his songs and writing as his new beginning surfaces and illuminates the R&B genre. His ambition is to keep the old sound with a new flare of lyrics. Jamie is the man that bridges the connection between great singers of past and present & he keeps it alive with flavor for all to appreciate.

Jamie started singing in his church choir at the age of seven and until this day when he is home (ALABAMA) he continues to attend church with his mother on most Sundays.

While a junior at Central High School in Phenix City, he was a member of a trio called Unkut for a year. After performing in a few local shows,a member of the group felt his heart was no longer in it so the group severed their ties. He was doing his own thing until a friend of his, Dwayne Baxter, introduced him to Interscope Records. He got a call from Interscope and within six months moved out to Atlanta to work with the label. A lot of paper work was done with the label company before he relocated to LA to continue his singing career. He joined a group signed to Geffen/Interscope called Red-Dirt in 2007 and together they worked on a project for his first CD.

Los Angeles presented the young, inspiring artist with many challenges and enlightenment about the music industry. The roster of producers he worked with includes Tim & Bob, Tank, Lonny Burrell, Eric Dawkins, with includes Tim & Bob, Tank, Lonny Burrell, Eric Dawkins, Tony Dickerson, Steve of the group Troop, RL of Next, Stevie J of BadBoy, Toney Denero, Ron Feemaster aka Nephew, Luke James of Luke & Q, The Underdogs, Sanchez, Jazzy PHA, Gr8 Traxx. Also included on the list of heavy hitters are Tyrese, and Baby Face. His creative talent is also inclusive of writing songs. He writes lyrics of love, soul searching, and inspiration. He gives credit to Tank for helping him to develop his skills in writing music.

He approaches his future with a determination, vitality, and dynamism causing the music industry to take notice and his fans to respect and crave his music. JaLi is quiet and reserved until he is performing in front of an audience; then he displays his superb singing aptitude. JaLi is an artist with great poise and a skillful voice bringing with him a wealth of expressive and heart felt singing. He touches on many genres of music however his main forte is R & B. JaLi may be perceived as a quiet storm but this quiet storm is a hurricane in disguise.

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Recording Artist: JaLi

Song:Try Me

The Trucker Slide

featuring Omar Cunningham, AudiYo, and JaLi

Music Video

Song: Just Like A Movie

Recording Artist: JaLi

Song: Try Me

Recording Artist: JaLi

Song: Fiya

JaLi Live

Song: Try Me

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